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Meet the President

Captain Jason Grieff purchased SML Aviation from Brant Howell November 1, 2017. Jason's flying career began at National Aviation Academy in June of 1976. On his second solo flight in a Grumman American AA1B at 700 AGL, after takeoff, the #2 piston separated from the wrist pin and promptly went through the cowling. He had a grande total of 12.8 hours logged. "Delco 17" was his call sign. With a mixed bag of luck, the instructors voice in the background and the Tower Controller's calm voice of guidance, Jason landed safely.

He now has over 36,000 hours logged, a Senior Check Airman at Southwest Airlines (16 years and counting) and holds a FAA APD (Aircrew Program Designation). Jason started Seaplanes R Fun Inc. in October 1998 in Florida. He moved the operation to a summer residence in Vermont during 2000. It remains a seasonal seaplane operation in The Champlain Islands of Northern Vermont.

Jason is a CFII and MEI. He holds a ATP single and multi-engine Land and Sea. His passion involves seaplanes and real planes......tail draggers!

He loves to fly and work with people. Fortunately at SML Aviation and Seaplanes R Fun Inc. he can state "The folks that work with us are honest as the day is long, competent and share a fun loving attitude."

Hands on the DC-3